Panel: SUNY Online Financial Models

Moderator: Kim Scalzo, Director of Open SUNY & Interim Exec Director of Academic Technologies & Innovation
Terry Keys, Associate Vice President, Instructional Services, SUNY Monroe Community College
Danyelle O’Brien, Director of Online Learning, SUNY Alfred State College of Technology
Jill Pippin, Dean of Extended Learning, SUNY Oswego

Day 1 Panel Presentation

Campus Approaches to Resource Allocation for Scaling Online Learning
The SUNY Online pilot campuses have varying approaches to resource allocation for their online programs. As we are thinking about a new financial model for SUNY Online, understanding campus costs and how campuses allocate resources for their online learning activities is an important consideration. We asked each of the pilot campus to share examples of their approaches to resource allocation and think about how well their approaches would serve them as they plan to scale enrollments in their programs. In this session, three of the pilot campuses will share their campus models and provide some rationale for how their models have evolved.

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