Larry Dugan: Marketing for Enrollment at Scale

Presenter: Dr. Larry Dugan, Provost Fellow, SUNY Online Enrollment Management & Student Success

Day 1 Presentation

“Let’s get them in the VIRTUAL seats!” – Lessons learned from SUNY’s foray into marketing for enrollment at scale.

In October of 2019, SUNY took the leap into marketing online learning on a grand scale. Digital marketing, television, and other methods were used to support the efforts of campuses and a new SUNY enrollment team in our effort to expand our reach. This pilot project, which is ongoing, is designed to not only increase enrollments, but also to glean as much information about scaling potential enrollments for the future. The staff at SUNY Online has learned a lot. This session will discuss lessons learned about what it takes to enroll hundreds of students, and what it possibly means for our enrollments in the future.

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