The SUNY Online Summit webcast is provided FREE of charge and there is no need for registration (no guarantees are made regarding quality of broadcast). Keep in mind that the times listed are ET.

DAY 1: Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Day 1 of the SUNY Online Summit 2020 will be broadcast LIVE.

Access to Day 1 of the summit is restricted to SUNY only.

Graphic showing the link to use the SUNY Federated authentication login.

Use SUNY Federated Authentication to Login to SUNY Online Summit presentation on Day 1 of the Summit.


Day 1 of the SUNY Online Summit 2020 is open only to SUNY staff and faculty, and accessible only via SUNY federated authentication.


Please never share your SUNY credentials with anyone and do not share them with anyone for this day of the event.


Use this link to login and access the SUNY ONLY Day 1 streamed sessions. [] – requires a email address for authentication.








Day 2 and Day 3 of the  SUNY Online Summit will be recorded and broadcast LIVE and open to anyone (regardless of SUNY Affiliation)!

These publicly streamed sessions are provided FREE of charge and without prior registration (NB: no guarantees are made regarding quality of broadcast). Keep in mind that the times listed are posted in eastern time/ ET.  

Materials for these sessions will be posted when available. Recordings of these session will be/are available via the same links posted below. Closed captioned (CC) recordings will be made available here. (Please check back after the conclusion of the Summit for access to the CC materials).

The hashtag for the public Summit event is #SUNYonlinesummit. Use the hashtag to interact, share information.

Ask questions of the presenters here: with #N475 or

Erin Maney (@ExpertlyMade) is the twitter captain-coordinating the online twitter interactions for the event.

Use the URLs below to tune in at the times listed. Keep in mind that times listed are planned times and may shift during the live broadcast.

Day 1: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Presentation by Tamika Maise, SUNY Online Student
Recordings Link:
Presentation transcript:

DAY 2: Thursday, February 27, 2020
Live tweet the #SUNYonlinesummit
Ask questions of the presenters here: with #N475 or

9:00AM Welcome & Introductions! – Alexandra M. Pickett

9:15AM Danyelle O’Brien, Director Of Online Learning. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
Presentation: Gaining Perspectives

Live/Recordings Link: – combines opening welcome.

Maria Anderson,
CEO/Cofounder, Coursetune
Presentation:Facing the Future of Technology and Learning
Live/Recordings Link:

11:30AM 11th annual Unsession!
Live/Recordings Link:

1:30 PM
Marie Cini, President of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)
Presentation: Online Learning: The On-Ramp to Innovative Learning Models for New York’s New Majority Learners
Live/Recordings Link:

Sharon Wavle, Associate Director, Decision Support & Reporting, Office of Online Education at Indiana University.
Presentation:Finding Common Ground: Online Education Definitions and Data across the Big 10

Live/Recordings Link:

SUNY Online Effective Practices Awards
Live/Recordings Link:

Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassadors Recognition
Live/Recordings Link:

Q&A, Wrap up, Review, & Summit Preview Day 3
combined with the last session.

DAY 3: Friday, February 28, 2020
Live tweet the #SUNYonlinesummit
Ask questions of the presenters here: with #N475 or


9:00AM Welcome & Introductions – Alexandra M. Pickett
DOODLE Guided Reflection: Taking Action to Address your Challenges

Special Guest: Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson

Live/Recordings Link: opening Welcome,  Doodle activity & Chancellor Kristina Johnson’s address.

Matthea Marquart & Beth Counselman Carpenter
Engaging Adult Learners by Creating Inclusive Online Classroom Communities

Live/Recordings Link:

Cali Morrison,  Ginger Bidell, Jaymes Walker-Myers
Competency-Based Education: Implementing Quality Frameworks for an Engaged Faculty & Learner Experience 
Live/Recordings Link:


See you next year in Syracuse, NY!  

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  1. I am having trouble registering. I don’t have a password and my Stony Brook University email is not being recognized.
    Kathy Gambino

    • Hi Kathleen! Not sure what you mean by registering? there is no registration necessary to access the live stream to virtually “attend” the conference. If you are trying to register to attend in person, let me know.


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